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Zen Pro Vibration Plate

From Magtonic

Zen Pro® TVR-3900 is an entry-level vibration training equipment for home use. User-friendly programmed training is easy to follow with its lightweight platform design, easy to move and place in any size home. The training will improve your muscle endurance, explosive strength, bone density and avoid exercise injuries, muscle atrophy.


Sports and Health performance

Personal essential whole body vibration training. Enhances performance of body training. Enhances body control and balance. Increase blood circulation and enhances metabolism. Improves stressed muscles. Warm-up before exercise and after exercise to relieve muscle.


Low intensity Tonic Vibration Reflex. High-definition LED console display offers user a unique look, easy to operatey. 4 essential training programs and 1 manual mode with various exercise-postures-training poster, very user-friendly. Non-slip handlebar offers user easy to hold and training from various height and angles. Dual tensile-straps with non-slip design, easy to use of upper body and arms toning. Unique design of convex massage on the edge of platform, reduce stressed soles and improve blood circulation.