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Crossfit Sandbag Small - One bladder

Training Sand Bags build functional strength, endurance & engage more muscle groups than weight ... Sand Bag Extreme | Sandbag Training / Crossfit

Super Strong with many grip positions

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The sandbag is a staple in serious garage gyms everywhere, but it rarely crosses over into commercial gym territory. In fact, its one of those training tools that people seem to use exclusively or not at all. This article will list some of the benefits of training with sandbags. Ill also give you my (current) top two sandbag exercises and explain how you can add some sandbag lifting into your current program.

Ive been training seriously with sandbags for a couple years now and theyre a regular part of the coaching that I do with elite athletes. The simple reason for this is that theyre awkward to lift and that ability can translate well to athletic performance.

There are a number of sandbag programs out there and many have their merits, but this article will focus specifically on using the sandbag as an accessory to a regular strength training program. Put simply, applying some of the principles in this article to your training can yield dramatically increased strength, power, and sport-specific conditioning.