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Relieve your pain. Improve your vitality. Empower yourself to heal.

Acuball Facts

1The Acuball is the product of seven years of research and testing and the result of Dr. Cohens personal studies of native healing techniques in many countries around the world. The Acuball is now utilized as part of the training programs of professional sports teams and in hospitals for varied uses from hand rehabilitation to burn patient rehabilitation where it helps patients to break down scarring.

100% Natural Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

2The Acuball's patented design features apply 100% natural acupressure and heat:relaxing tight muscles & connective tissue, enhancing joint movement, reducing nervous system irritation and creating a significant de-stressing effect.

Stimulates Blood Flow

3The Acuball's specially designed acupoints and heat stimulate blood flow. This increases circulation, helping to 'flush out' built up toxins that accumulate in tight muscles causing pain. As these toxins release over time, the muscleitself relaxes.

Releases Natural Painkillers

4The combination of the Acuballs specially designed acupoints and heating ability stimulate yourCentral Nervous System, like acupuncture does, torelease natural painkilling, relaxing and mood enhancing chemicals like enkephalins and endorphins.