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Ten Minute Trainer

Beach Body Fitness

Get the Ten Minute TRrainer in Kingston at Fitness Solutions.

Do you still think your too busy to workout!? The 10 Minute-Trainer removes all excuses to workout because they give you multiple workout schedules to follow.

Like most other Beachbody Home Fitness Programs the 10 Minute Trainer offers a mix and match approach with the workout schedules.

With this program you get to select from one or up to three routines matched up daily. This match should be followed for the next 4 weeks, taking one day off each week as a rest day.

Your options with the schedules are very clear cut. 1. Do one routine for 10 minutes a day for minimum results.
2. Mix-up two routines for 20 minutes for improved results and or,
3. Do up to three routines for 30 minutes for best results.

Summary of the 10 Minute Trainer Home Fitness Program :Tony Horton speaks directly to you through the workout, giving it an individualized feeling.

You can grow with the program at your own pace. Too busy? Start with the single workout routine schedule first.

What does the 10 Minute-Trainer Home Fitness Program consist of? The 10 Minute-Trainer comes with 5 Workout Videos....each lasting about 10 minutes each.

Each workout is actually about 14 minutes each since the warm-up and cool-down are each 2 minutes.

The 5 workout videos consist of a Cardio, Total Body, Lower Body, Abs and Yoga Flex routine.

1. Cardio (10 Minutes):

The Cardio workout routine consists mainly of agility drills, kicks and lunges.

2. Total Body (10 Minutes):

The Total Body workout routine consists of challenging your whole body, targeting just about every body part.

3. Lower Body (10 Minutes):

In this Lower Body workout routine you will incorporate the resistance bands in order to target your thighs and glutes. Yup, your BUTT!

4. Abs (10 Minutes):

The Abs workout routine will have you performing up to 20 exercises, each lasting about 30 seconds each. Be prepared to work hard on this one. Thats the key to your new six pack!

5. Yoga Flex (10 Minutes):

The name is self explanatory. You will be performing select Yoga poses for 10-minutes.