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Rent a Treadmill or Exercise Bike

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Treadmill Rentals

Treadmill and elliptical rentals available in Kingston ON and area.

Why Rent a Treadmill?

If you want to try it before you buy or just need it for a short term use, renting may be the way to go! Treadmill rentals are available for most uses and start at as little as $19 per week. The minimum time is two months and there is'nt a maximum. Give us a call for more details. 613-384-3688

Minimal commitment month to month
Easy transition into an active lifestyle
Keeping active during the winter months
Full service & technical support
Home rehabilitation programs
Short term fitness goals i.e. wedding, holiday, sporting event

Minimum rental period is 1 month. There are discounts for longer term rentals. Delivery and Installation is available as well. For more info call or email us! Elliptical and Exercise bike rentals available too!

Insurance Claims

Check your health insurance policy to determine whether you are eligible to submit a claim against the equipment rental expense.

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