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Pro Style Wobble Board

Wood Construction 16"

Wobble Boards for Runners & Joggers & Athletes

If you enjoy running competitively or just for fun, you will love the results you get from regular use of the Wobble Board. Research has proven that regular use of Wobble Boards will dramatically enhance your strength, R.O.M., stability and power in the push off cycle. It will help you reduce the risk of both sudden trauma and of over use injuries thanks to improved proprioception and greater strength in all muscles, tendons and ligaments. All this and more is just a wobble away if you make the decision to start using a Wobble Board during your daily routine. It takes virtually no effort and is like buying insurance against future injuries. So what's the bottom line? Balance board training can dramatically improve the strength and coordination of all the key muscles involved in running. This should help you avoid injuries - and make you a considerably more powerful runner. - Running Research News, Vol.14, Vol. 10, Dec. 1998

Wobble Boards At the Office

Use a wobble board as a foot rest under your desk and to stand on when you're on the phone. It takes no extra time from your day and you will quickly enjoy the benefits of stronger ankles and better balance. It's like improving your golf swing or strengthening your skiing while you work at your desk.

Balance Training for Seniors Quality of life is often equated to quality of movement. Regular use of balance boards is a great way to maintain better balance and confidence. As more and more research is showing, movement is essential to retaining your health and vigor as you age. It is becoming increasingly apparent that doing exercises to build strength and enhance balance is an important complement to maintaining cardiovascular fitness through aerobic movement. So be sure to build balance training into your workouts. If you do, you're likely to find the world a much steadier place. - Mayo Clinic Womens Health Source, Sept. 1999

Regular use of Wobble Boards improves balance, coordination and posture, while reducing the risk of injuries through enhanced neuro-muscular awareness and reaction time. All boards come with an exercise chart including information and images on how to use the boards.