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Spirit XT285 Treadmill

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It All Starts with a Stable Mount

You can tell a lot about the quality of a product based on where the manufacturer invests their money in the product. Do they spend it on useless bells and whistles, or do they spend it on parts that actually enhance the quality and performance of the product? At Spirit Fitness, we spend our money on quality, such as cast motor mounts. Why cast? We do not believe that a stamped steel motor mount will give the motor the secure mount that is required for a high quality treadmill. If the motor shifts, then the drive belt will loosen, which will make the walking belt feel like it is slipping. Take off the motor cover and look beneath the hood, you can learn a lot about the design of a treadmill.



A 7.5 blue backlit LCD screen that conveniently displays 9 pieces of data at a time to keep you informed and motivated.

Remote Adjustment Keys

The user has the ability to adjust the incline on the left handlebar or the speed on the right handlebar. If you decide not to use them, simply press the Disable button on the console

Quick Keys

The ability to quickly program a specific incline or speed with just a few key strikes.

Fold-up Design

This space saving feature allows you to easily maneuver the unit out of the way when not in use


  • CONSOLE:L 7.5" Blue Backlit LCD w/ Integrated Reading Rack
  • CONSOLE FEEDBACK: Time, Distance, Speed, Elevation, Calories, Pace, Altitude, Laps, Segment Time, and Heart Rate
  • HEART RATE: Contact & Telemetric; Heart Rate Strap included
  • SPEED: 5 to 12 mph
  • INCLINE: 0 to 12%
  • DRIVE MOTOR: 2.75 hp
  • DECK: 1" Phenolic, Silicone Lubricated, Folding
  • BELT: 20" x 55", 1.5 ply (1.6T)
  • ROLLERS: 2.5"
  • CUSHIONING: 6 Cushions (rear rigid mount)
  • HANDRAILS: Short Lateral, Incline & Speed controls on handlebars
  • FRAME: Commercial-Grade Structural Steel w/ Durable Powder-Coat Paint
  • DIMENSIONS: 76" x 35" x 52"
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 211 lbs.

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