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Spirit Treadmills

Spirit Fitness by Dyaco

Spirit Treadmills, Our favorite brand since 2003

Even though times change and fads come and go, a treadmill still remains a great investment. There is nothing like replicating the natural movement of everyday life, especially when other factors prevent you from accomplishing this outdoors  inclement weather, pollution, crime, safety, location, etc. Full weight bearing walking or running, comfort, and convenience are all benefits of owning a treadmill. Spirit Fitness Canada.

The XT series offers entry level units with basic features for those interested in walking/hiking or models that are more appealing to current or future hopeful runners that offer advanced programs and components.

Reviews and Ratings
Spirit's superior customer service and top-notch reliability has also earn itself a series of awards from leading consumer product magazines for "top-selling treadmill brands" as it rapidly builds an international reputation as one of the fiercest competitors in the business. Numerous positive product reviews can be found in top fitness equipment review websites. 

Owners Manuals

Why We Like Spirit Treadmills, Bikes and Ellipticals

  1. Strong Canadian presence
  2. Quality construction and intelligent design
  3. Distribution and Supply
  4. Value Pricing
  5. One of the best Warranties in the business

"Spirit Fitness is not only a well-known brand for its technological innovations and service, but also Spirit Fitness has been one of the fast-growing fitness companies this decade. Because of Spirit's growth its dealers and distributors around the globe benefit dramatically. According to globally respected product review agencies, Spirit Fitness has been rated as the no.1 treadmill brand (13.1%) and top-selling elliptical brand (12.4%) in 2010. Spirit Fitness has increased its revenue percentage by an industry leading 10.78% in 2010 according to Sport Scan Information." - Dyaco

Spirit Fitness built our first treadmill in 1987 with a simple goal of giving our customer the highest quality treadmill that will help them achieve their fitness goals. It is that same simple goal that continues today in designing and developing every piece of fitness equipment that has the Spirit Fitness name. Whether we are designing our new line of E-Glide ellipticals or our new commercial treadmill, we are always making sure it meets the same demanding standards that have built the Spirit Fitness brand for the last 23 years.

It is not enough to simply take good parts and put them into a treadmill, fitness bike or elliptical trainer. You must start by asking how the customer is going to use the product and what can we do to help them achieve their fitness goals. Spirit Fitness provides its customers with an experienced team of fitness industry professionals in all levels of support and service. Our staff is always available to provide the expertise that you need to feel confident with your Spirit Fitness purchase while assisting you to reach your fitness goals. There are many companies that produce fitness equipment, but few that focus on the attention to details that you will find in a Spirit Fitness Product. We invite you to become a proud owner of a Spirit Fitness product today.

Spirit Fitness Canada

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