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Fitness Solutions rents treadmills and bikes on a monthly basis. Elliptical and home gyms can be made available by request. Rental machines are available in the following categories:

  1. Walking/Jogging Treadmills
  2. Running Treadmills
  3. Upright Exercise Bikes
  4. Recumbent Exercise Bikes
  5. Spin Bikes

Equipment Rental Rates

  1. Walk/Jog Treadmill $75/month ($18 per week)

  2. Running Treadmill $99/month ($25 per week)

  3. Bikes - Upright and recumbent $59/month ($15 per week)

  4. Spin and Recumbent Bikes $69/month ($16 per week)
  5. Home installation $19

  6. Pick up $19

  7. Installation AND pick up is waived if the customer commits to minimum 3 month rental (billed monthly)

Terms and Restrictions:

  • Drop off fee of $19 to be paid when dropped off Pick up fee $19 to be paid when the rental is picked up. Customer may pick up and bring back at no charge.

*If the customer commits to a minimum period of three month the drop off and pick up fee will be waived. They must sign the 3 month commitment section of the rental agreement. If for any reason the machine is returned before the 3 month period Fitness Solutions will automatically apply the $38.00 delivery & pickup fee to the credit card on file. This is to be done prior to accepting the return.

  • Renter must have a current credit card to rent on a monthly basis.

  • Fitness Solutions requires a drivers license and one other piece of I.D. to complete the rental. The credit card can qualify as a second I.D. IF it is in the same name as the drivers license.