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Corporate Sponsorships and Donations Policy

Fitness Solutions believes in giving back to our local communities, and is a  supporter of many charitable foundations, events and activities.

Fitness Solutions considers requests for donations from organizations working to improve the lives of Canada's youth with a focus on physical activity. In some cases we make cash donations, in many others they donate promotional items.

Prior sponsorships include but are not limited to:

Team Sports Organizations like: Kingston Voyagers Hockey, Athens Minor Soccer, Kingston U15 Girls Soccer

Individual Charitable Endeavors Through Sports and Fitness Activities.

The goal of the Fitness Solutions giving program is to contribute to the well-being of our communities and those who live in them through physical activity. As an organization, we have decided to focus our support in the following target areas:

  • Kid's Fitness and Sports Programs
  • Charities and activities targeted towards children
  • Individual charity fund raising achieved through personal physical endeavors

Applicants should clearly outline how the funds will be used and how Fitness Solutions will be acknowledged.

Fitness Solutions does not give to:

  • Political parties
  • Religious groups
  • Private schools
  • Funding requests for events or activities outside of our operating area